The team

The passion, know-how and involvement of every member of La Grappe d'Or team are of utmost importance. All different but complementary, they continuously strive for excellence.

Being able to express yourself in an environment where the search for excellence in beauty and taste is an ongoing objective is a real chance. It requires to be demanding, consistent, and also good natured and fun. It is a true school of life where some stay for good, and others come to receive training and evolve, before eventually leaving, having assimilated our values.



Creative first and foremost, Clément PETITJEAN infuses La Grappe d'Or with a perpetual spirit of conquest.

Moving away from traditions and conventions does not scare him. By magic or rather by talent, his cuisine always leaves his guests surprised and delighted.

Involved and passionate, he is also one of the Chefs members of Génération W, a core advocate of the Walloon culinary contemporary heritage, creative and authentic.



La-grappe-dor - Monia

The taste for hosting is in the nature and culture of Monia AOUINI.

She has travelled extensively and is constantly honing her sense of observation to predict and anticipate the desires of her customers, with an unalterable will to do well and to please.

Her talent for hosting is shared by the entire team of La Grappe d'Or and is in harmony with the intentions of the Chef back in the kitchen. She helps creating a subtle alchemy resulting in the creation of a perfect moment.